Signals That Hamster Is Bring

By | November 9, 2020

The gestation period of a hamster depends on the specific species, but this can also vary from one female to another. Usually their gestation period is very short, only about 15 to 25 days.hamster
Therefore, in order to ensure proper care for hamsters during pregnancy, you must be able to identify signs of pregnancy. The most noticeable sign is a growth in the abdomen but can only be seen with the naked eye around the last 5 days of pregnancy.

This means, to detect early signs of pregnancy in Hamster you must pay attention to some of the other signs in their living habits such as:

Eat more

If your hamster starts to drink more water and has a greater appetite than usual, then they are probably pregnant. However, sometimes this is also a sign of certain diseases that are common in hamsters or they are feeling too stressed.hamster

Sudden weight gain

the sudden increase in food demand as well as the growth of the fetus will cause the hamster to gain weight rapidly.hamster

Swollen nipples

This is a sign of accumulating milk to prepare for breastfeeding.

There are more strange and aggressive behaviors

They start to nest and store food during this time. In addition, they can become irritable and fight other animals they are kept with. They will appear more tense than usual and become more lethargic and sluggish.hamster

Above are My Pet Nutrition Center experiences in the process of raising a hamster to colonize. If the above signs still aren’t enough to confirm that your hamster is pregnant, bring them to your vet for an appointment. Not only will you determine with certainty the problem of pregnancy, you will also know how many young babies are present and specific instructions throughout the process of caring for your hamster.