The Pet Nutrition Center Crew

Pet Nutrtition Center Encinitas, Holistic Choices for pet food and care

Pet Nutrition Center, Encinitas, is owned by the wife and husband team of Denise and Brendon Clifton. Denise hired Brendon during her days as the company’s GM. They started dating a month after Denise purchased the store, and he has been her rock and support ever since. Brendon and Denise have five cats – three at home and two that run the store. All of their cats are rescue animals.
– Fugee is a seven year-old Tortoise Shell
– Fiji is a six year-old Orange Tabby
– Fernando, aka Little Man, is a two and a half year-old Orange Tabby/Abyssian mix
– Dahlia is a dainty six year-old black cat, famous for strutting her stuff.
– Venus, also six, is a Maine Coon mix, and lets Dahlia, Denise and Brendon think they’re in charge
Bailey McKillip was born and raised in Encinitas, CA. She started working at Pet Nutrtition Center in 2005, because she has always liked animals, and working here allows her to do what she likes best. Bailey is currently working on her teaching credentials, and hopes to teach 4th – 6th graders, who are a lot like well trained animals. Bailey’s pets are:
– Bill, a five year-old Tabby
– Chuck, a two year-old British Harrier
– Mr. Chips, a Bearded Dragon
– and several fish who’s names change daily
Chad McKillip is Bailey’s husband. He grew up in East County, and majored in Media production & advertising in college; however he has found a passion in pets.  Chad happened to be the the guy with the fish net one day when Bailey decided to buy goldfish.  According to Chad he was so distracted by her beauty he forgot how to catch the fish, and how to form complete sentences.  Somehow he managed to ask her on a date, and here they are married and working together at Pet Nutrition Center Enciitas.
Third generation San Diegan, Kelsey Nordal also volunteers at Rancho Coastal Humane Society.  She has an Orange Tabby named Franklin & a Fish named Ted.  Fresh out of business school and aspires to one day own her own business within the pet industry, Kelsey was drawn to Pet Nutrition Center Encinitas for learning and because she likes what we’re all about.
Yvette Sybert is a North County native. She has been a professional groomer since 2001. She came to work at Pet Nutrition Center three years ago because she really appreciated the holistic approach to pet care. Yvette has three dogs:
– Stretch, a nine year-old Dachsund
– Sky, a two year-old Staffordshire Bull Terrier
– Scotch, a six month-old Labrador mix