What Can Guinea Pigs not Eat?

By | August 14, 2019

Many people always love to have pets as they remains as a best companion to them and when it comes to pet choice people have several options but most of the people prefer to have guinea as their pet. It is mainly because they are cute little affectionate creature and best companion as a pet but it is also necessary to look that like humans even animals has feelings.

The guinea pigs are sensitive and they have certain things to be happy such as whenever you tends to buy guinea pigs as pets it is better to buy as two because these creatures loves to be with companion always. Moreover when people have pets they wish their pets to be happier always so they do several things such as playing with them. On further people also arrange playing toys inside the pets cage especially tunnels and tubes for guinea pigs as they love to run around tunnels and tubes. Likewise pet owners would play with the guinea pets and have lots of attention over them to make them happy. But in reality all these activities alone do not make the guinea pets happier in addition with these activities the diet followed to pets also deals with their happiness.

Thus the pet’s happiness is on basis of what the food they have? When it comes to food diet people would think pets can be feed with all but similar to humans even pets do have restrictions in food. You can feed foods rich with proteins, vitamin C, spinach and more mostly fresh fruits and vegetables are best guinea pig food for pet to be happy.

What Can Guinea Pigs not Eat?

List of foods not to feed guinea pig pets:

In common people would feed their guinea pets with all type of foods whatever they have but that is a wrong action which would make the pet worse or vulnerable. Each animal has certain limitations to food diet likewise sensitive animal like guinea pigs the food diet is essential. Before feeding guinea pet’s owner should be know what foods are best feed for guinea and what foods should not be feed to guinea pets. Because when you feed your guinea pigs with wrong foods then it would make the guinea pets ill or there are more chances for pets to affect with serious ill which may kill them too. To avoid all these things happen people should be clear with the food plan of the pet to make these factors clear enough here are some of food list that should not feed to your guinea pets are listed below.

·         Meat:

You should avoid feeding guinea pets with meat of any other animal because the guinea pigs do not have GI tract to digest meat. Their digestive systems are only set up to digest plants not anything else.

What Can Guinea Pigs not Eat?

·         Dairy products:

The guinea pets should not feed with dairy products which include yogurt, cheese, cream cheese, kefir, sour cream, cottage cream and more. All these items are difficult to digest for your guinea pets.

  • It is also necessary to avoid iceberg and lighter lettuce as it result with diarrhea to your guinea pigs.

·         Veggies:

Not all veggies are good for feed guinea pig pets vegetables like cabbage, cauliflower, beans are gassy veggies that cause guinea pigs to get struggle to get rid from extra gases.

What Can Guinea Pigs not Eat?

  • Even people need to avoid avocado and nuts as they are rich in fat content this makes the guinea pigs to struggle with weight issues. And when avocado is feed to guinea pigs that would lead to several other issues too.

What Can Guinea Pigs not Eat?

  • Other vegetables like onion, leeks, shallots or chives consumption would cause blood disorders to the guinea pigs were garlic consumption remains as a plain poisonous.

What Can Guinea Pigs not Eat?

  • Guinea pigs are sensitive to chemical residues so they should not feed with plants treated with pesticides that would destroy kidneys and livers. Plants like rhubarb and others that are rich in oxalic acids would lead to kidney and urinary stones in pets.

Apart from all above food items people should ensure not to feed any chocolates, candies, plastic nibbled items to the guinea pigs as they cause indigestible. Other non eaten products like glue, toilet paper, varnishes, paint, dyes should not be placed near to pets as they are not for eaten.